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Typical Value

Typical values per 100g

Energy (Kj)1,205 | Energy (kcal)284 | Protein 61.7g | Carbohydrates 0.9g | Fat 3.7g | ...of which saturates 1.61g | Sodium 1.57g

BEEFit uses only quality, grassfed 100% British beef.

Each 35g bag of BEEFit biltong contains over 21.6g of protein (61.7%), which produces the optimal protein synthesis stimulation.

BEEFit biltong contains no MSG, no gluten and no added sugar, and is also very low in carbohydrates and fat. BEEFit is free of allergens and is suitable for the paleo lifestyle.

BEEFit Biltong is the perfect 'on the go' snack, providing a competitive 22g of protein per bag.

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What does protein do?

Protein’s key role in exercise is repairing your muscles after your workout, enhancing strength and growth. A lack of protein, or a negative nitrogen balance, will result in a longer recovery time, diminished muscle growth and feeling weak & tired.

A higher nitrogen balance enables a faster workout recovery, allowing the body to repair itself properly. A report by the APS found that endurance athletes require 1.67x more protein than the average person.

Key Roles

Protein's Key Roles?

  • Responsible for growth and repair in every cell of the body: all muscles, blood, skin, hair and nails
  • Dietary protein produces greater satiety than other macronutrients
  • Help increase bone density and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Maintain a positive nitrogen balance
  • Sustain lean muscle mass
  • Provide energy

It all began as a steak lover, fed up of Tupperware boxes and the countless hours wasted every night prepping for the next days snacking needs. I was always a firm believer in the phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and it was for that reason I would always carry around my protein rich snacks to keep me on the straight-and-narrow.

It was only after seeing the child of a South African friend, chewing on pieces of biltong, did it hit me…. I didn’t need to leave my one true love behind … steak ! I could recreate it as biltong … and so it began.

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