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know your meme.html mrs c nevil the rat is included in our home study so the kyrgyz know about him smile amy ive tried to put my voice to good use in various sonlight productions, robin brande said love this really enjoyed your answers i miss my kid body too she could really run plus do some really killer cartwheels and by the way i was a girl scout leader not too long ago and i know this is cookie season and i say to you bravo, the meme known as dogein which photos of dogs usually shiba inus are labeled with internal monologues like wow such adjective and very nounhas been taking over the


hi evik its me again haha im enjoying a lazy saturday reading through all your fantastic blog posts this one has me confused though i understand making glyceryl stearate is probably cheaper than buying something like olivem1000 but if glyceryl stearate can only be used with a coemulsifier would the additional cost of the coemulsifier plus the cost of heating electricity for

the desire to leave your work on friday is much stronger than the desire to wake up on saturday leaving work on friday memes represent the best moments of this event, deriving meaning in a time of chaos the intersection between chaos engineering and observability crystal hirschorn discusses how organizations can benefit from combining established tech practices with incident planning postmortemdriven development chaos engineering and observability, dude i have been following you since day 1 and i love your work i wish i could meet you face to face and even pitch you a story that i have held onto now for more then 6 years