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make a meme.html heart of the matter is hosting another meme this time encouraging people to upload a video introducing themselves to others so here is mine hotm meme meet luke , marla rose and john beske have been powerful vegan advocates for years and now with vegan street media they are using their combined creative skills to make outreach materials that get the message to the public in ways that are honest thoughtprovoking and effective


helen is getting rid of some of that junk in the trunk shes working up quite the sweat there might be some more yoga poses with helen in the next post however im thinking of drawing helen parr in more outfits aswell what would you like to see her in

motherreader said i think my problem is while my kids have two activities each i want to have ten i want to work parttime run a blog be a girl scout leader read lots of books write a novel learn piano paint watercolors travel the world and more, so in a recipe that calls for 7 emulsifier should i add 12 btms or whatever ewax and 12 of glyceryl stearate i just tried to make a cream and put almost 6 glyceryl stearate and 1 of the total 7 ewax was btms and it was a fail the water mixed with the oils but i dont see any cream texture it is still a liquid after about 10 minutes of blending with the mixer